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lege artis - comprehensive know-how since 3 generations

Since 1947, the specialists at lege artis Pharma GmbH + Co. KG have been working to provide dentists and patients with high-quality products that help maintain dental and oral health. The company's motto has been just as long:

For dentists who work according to lege artis,( meaning "the rules of the art") .


About us

Johann Pfandl_Foto 1_05-09-2014_1_1

Company founder - Johann Pfandl

When the company founder Johann Pfandl founded lege artis dental trading company in Austria in 1947, he could already look back on more than 15 years of experience in the dental and general medical field.

With great creativity and diligence, he developed the first range of pharmaceutical specialties for dental use, including the well-known TOXAVIT, the first and still well-established devitalization agent in the world.

2nd generation

Mag.pharm. Kurt Pfandl-lege artis-05-09-2014_1_1

Mag. pharm. Kurt Pfandl

After relocating the company headquarters to Germany, the son of the company founder, Mr. Mag. Pharm. Kurt Pfandl, responsible for the product range, which he specifically expanded. He developed numerous new drugs, including products such as FOKALMIN, SOCKETOL and LEGASED.

After taking over the company, he initiated the construction of new business premises in Dettenhausen, near the university town of Tübingen, in 1972. As early as 1981 the business building was expanded to include a new production wing and additional storage rooms.

Lege artis Pharma became known as a specialist in dental pharmaceuticals and the distribution of the products was established even beyond the borders of Europe. Further modernizations and extensions of the company building followed in 1994, 2007, 2010 and 2014.

3rd generation

Dr Brigitte Bartelt - web sw_1_1

Dr. Brigitte Bartelt, Managing Director

Today's managing director, Dr. Brigitte Bartelt, granddaughter of the company founder, joined the company in 1993 and took over management in 1997. Committed and prudent, she led the company to certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 46001 or DIN EN ISO 13485 and RL 93/42 / EEC, thus creating the prerequisites for the development, manufacture and marketing of the new product class of dental medical products.
Further measures such as the modernization of the corporate identity, intensification of the advertising area and the development of new products such as HYPOSEN, CALCINASE-slide or CALCIPRO consolidated the success of the family company.


Johan Pfandl - the company founder - developed the first preparations in Pinswang / Tyrol. Including TOXAVIT, the world's first arsenic-free devitalization agent. 

Move to Innsbruck

and obtaining approval to set up a facility for the production of dental materials, disinfectants and pharmaceuticals.

Move to Stuttgart
in 1953

Commercial registration
of the lege artis Dental Society Pfandl & Co, Stuttgart

Mag. Pharm. Kurt Pfandl

joins his father's company after many years of work in well-known pharmaceutical companies. With this experience he develops many new products and optimizes the existing product range.

Übernahme der Fa. Burk

in 1966

Mag. Pharm. Kurt Pfandl

succeeds as business owner. A new production and administration building is planned and construction started.

Move to Dettenhausen

near the university town of Tübingen in the newly constructed company building.


of the existing production in Dettenhausen and expansion of the production building.

Dr. Brigitte Bartelt,

daughter of the owner, takes over the production management after studying pharmacy and several years in the industry.

50 years of lege artis

Dr. Brigitte Bartelt takes over the management. The development and successful market launch of new products under her leadership consolidate the success of the family company.

Certification of the company

according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 46001 is carried out with commitment and is a prerequisite for the development, manufacture and marketing of the new medical products. Lege artis has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 since 2003. 

With the implant care gel durimplant

it was possible to become a specialist in implant preservation in addition to tooth preservation. 

In endodontics

lege artis relies on new "solutions". The ESD removal system is presented. 

70 years of lege artis

Shaping tomorrow according to the rules of art.


Since lege artis was founded over 70 years ago, the company's goal has been:
Manufacture of high-quality products for dentists who work lege artis (“according to the rules of art”).