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is periodontitis?


does it originate?


can I protect myself?

Periodontitis, formerly also known as periodontosis, is an inflammation of the periodontium. The periodontium itself exists of the jawbone, connective tissue and the gums.



Reddened and inflamed gums and a more frequent occurrence of gum bleeding are indications of a periodontitis.



Regular check-ups at the dentist help to avoid the progress of a not yet identified periodontitis.


The dentist can ascertain a periodontitis, inter alia, by screening the gums and measurement of the depth of gingival pockets.

Periodontitis is caused by specific bacteria in the mouth.


Stress or other factors often unbalance our immune system. Then we are especially susceptible to these bacteria which settle on our dental plaque and cause a gingivitis (gum inflammation) by segregation of metabolic products like acids and toxins (poisonous substances).


In the further course gingival pockets, in which bacteria can settle again, occur. The gums regress, the tooth necks are exposed and the bone is attacked.


Several circumstances increase the risk for periodontitis. These include, for example, stress, smoking, diabetes, tartar and insufficient oral hygiene.

Very important is a good oral hygiene:


  • brush your teeth at least 2x daily
  • change the toothbrush frequently
  • use regularly dental floss or interdental brushes
  • visit the dentist on a regular basis for preventative check-ups and
  • undergo professional dental cleaning according to the dentists recommendation.


If you already had a treatment of periodontitis or if you are particularly endangered, we additionally recommend using parodur Gel once a week until once a day, most suitable after the evening teeth brushing.


parodur Gel adheres excellent to gums and oral mucosa and therefore it takes an protective and caring effect.

parodur Gel is available in 2 different flavors:

Lime and Mint in your pharmacy.


For further treatment and for completion of your personal oral care we recommend parodur Liquid, a soft ready to use mouth rinsing solution which should be applied 1-2x daily and which additionally supports the caries prophylaxis.

Periodontitis - We prevent!


Prophylaxis is worthwhile:

There is an ingenious and easy solution
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