About us


In 1947,

Johann Pfandl, an engineer and advertising specialist, founded the lege artis dental trading company in Austria, thus laying the foundation for the successful family business.


At the beginning of the 1950s the company began developing and producing unique medicinal products for dentistry, specialising in the field of tooth preservation, including the well-established TOXAVIT. Soon after the company moved to Germany.



2nd Generation

In August 1972 the medium-sized company, now under the management of Mag. pharm. Kurt Pfandl, son of the founder, moved once again from Stuttgart to the new company building in Dettenhausen, nearby the University town Tübingen. It is here that most of the company’s products are developed and manufactured until today and are sold on international markets.



3rd Generation

Since 1997 Dr. Brigitte Bartelt has been the managing director of lege artis Pharma GmbH + Co. KG. Under her management, the company has received EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certification, an important requirement for the development, manufacturing and marketing of new medical devices. Further activities, like modernisation of the Corporate Identity, increasing  advertising and marketing activities as well as the development of new products like HYPOSEN Desensitizer, CALCINASE-slide EDTA gel and CALCIPRO ensures the success of the family business.



Product Range

In addition of the established and proven ORBAT sensitive, liquid for gingival retraction, lege artis created a new Iron(III)sulfate-liquid gel for gingival retraction and haemostasis during pulpotomy, called ORBAT forte.


With durimplant, on the market since 2007, lege artis presents its first product for the preservation of dental implants that is not a mechanical cleansing agent, but a cosmetic care product.


Especially for the professional care and gentle biofilm management, lege artis launched in 2010 an implant cleaning paste called REMOT implant with a very low RDA value of less than 7.


parodur Gel and parodur Liquid, are both professional periodontitis prophylaxis products for dental patients and for their oral care at home.


In the field of Endodontology, lege artis has created  „new solutions“. Especially during the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne 2013, lege artis presented a new ESD-syringe filling system for a better handling of its endodontic solutions. ESD stands for Easy, Save and Direct.


This new ESD-syringe filling system is integrated in each bottle of their endodontic solutions like HISTOLITH, CALCINASE-EDTA and CHX-ENDO 2% and suitable for all syringes with Luer and Luer-Lock system.


Now, since early 2015, lege artis offers besides the established sodium hypochlorite HISTOLITH NaOCl 5% also as a 3% dental solution for rinsing of root canals.


Since the foundation of the company, more than 70 years ago, all products have been manufactured  according to the companys‘ slogan: „to the rules of the art“ means „lege artis“.