Sensitive teeth


The teeth are actually all right – no untreated

caries – but still a brief, extremely intensive pain

is felt as soon as the teeth come in contact

with ice, ice-cold drinks or a cold draught.

Hypersensitive dentine means a significant impairment
of quality of life for the sufferer.


This discomfort is caused by exposed dentine.

Normally dentine is protected by dental enamel.

However, over the course of time, this can be

worn away, e.g. by the wrong tooth brushing

or by eating acidic foods.

Defects in the dental enamel can often be found

on the tooth neck. Once the gum has receded

dentine is often exposed at enamel- root cement transition.


Dentine is infused with numerous channels

(dentintubuli). If these channels are exposed,

certain stimuli cause this stabbing pain.



HYPOSEN Desensitizer provides relief here

by sealing the dentin channels. The solution

is applied by the dentist and bonds with

inorganic substances in the dental

channels and seals them by forming a plug.


HYPOSEN Protection varnish should be applied

for temporary protection until the plug has

stabilised to improve the effect.


It may be necessary to apply HYPOSEN

2-3 times at first, thereafter a half-yearly

application is usually sufficient to eliminate or

significantly relieve the complaints.

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