What is new?


1. The new cannulas are shorter and have a safe

Luer Lock connection.

This means simple and safe handling.


2. SOCKETOL is available in two pack sizes:

  • 5 g paste with 10 lege artis-cannulas Luer Lock
    (usual pack size for dental surgeries, which
    operate often tooth extractions).
  • 3 g (2 x 1,5 g) paste with 6 lege artis-cannulas
    Luer Lock (for dental surgeries where tooth extraction are rather infrequently).


Make your choice!

socketol = 2 times better!


Certainly you already know SOCKETOL

from your studies:

a proven medicinal product for treating extraction wounds, (e.g. Dolor post extractionem or alveolitis).



SOCKETOL paste is both, pain-relieving as well as antiseptic and promotes the healing process.


By means of the enclosed cannulas Luer Lock,

you apply it directly into the socket, either with

or without gauze strips.

NEW – come and see at the IDS dental fair in Cologne


NaOCl is presently the solution of choice for rinsing and cleaning the root
canals. The most used concentrations are in the range between 0,5 % - 5 %.
Besides our rinsing and cleaning solutions HISTOLITH 5% and HISTOLITH 3%
(already on the market) we complete now our portfolio with a 1% sodium
hypochlorite solution.
This concentration is preferably used when rinsing the root canal by
ultrasonic treatment. Our new endodontic solution is also delivered with
an integrated ESD-syringe filling system which stands for easy and quick


Please come and see this new product
at our booth No. Q 011 in hall 11.2. - You are welcome!

For further information please contact our representatives or click directly HERE.

TOXAVIT design in 1989

Exhibition Booth at IDS Munich in 1956

70 years and not at all tamed


lege artis celebrates its 70th anniversary.


Nobody had thought about this in 1947, the hunger
winter, when the company’s founder, Johann Pfandl, decided together with a chummy pharmacist, to
create the medicinal product TOXAVIT.


Similar to the movie „Feuerzangenbowle“ (burnt
punch) both masterminded the idea of an arsen-free devitalisation paste while sitting and drinking red


At that time, this paste was worldwide novelty.



Soon after, the company moved from Innsbruck

(Austria) to Stuttgart (Germany) into a new

company estate.


Further milestones are following products: durimplant,
a cosmetic care product for the preservation of dental implants and a new syringe filling system, called ESD
for a better handling of its endodontic solutions.
This new syringe filling system is integrated in
each bottle of the endodontic solutions.
ESD stands for Easy, Save and Direct.



Trend-setting products, improved receipts and
optimised production facilities establish a good
reputation of the family company.

The knowledge and tradition of manufacturing
quality products ensure a self-conscious look ahead.




Since 70 years - lege artis is designing the future according to the rules of the art.





presented on the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne: HISTOLITH NaOCl 3% for rinsing and cleaning of the root canal with integrated syringe filling system - directly from the bottle into the syringe.


Available pack sizes:

200 ml solution

500 ml solution


new - Clever Rinsing



with our ESD-syringe filling system. ESD stands for
Easy, Save and Direct. The new ESD-syringe filling
system is integrated in each bottle of our endodontic
CHX-Endo 2%.


The ESD-syringe filling system ensures quick and
easy handling, is clean and hygienic, efficient and
economical as there is nearly no waste of liquid.
The system is suitable for all syringes with Luer
and Luer-Lock.


All our endodontic solutions will be delivered with
the new integrated ESD-syringe filling system.


This new system is quite simply: easy – save – direct.


please click here

and have a look at our video, showing the

ESD-syringe filling system.

new - parodur Gel and Liquid



is a new Gel, especially for professionell periodontitis prophylaxis for dental patients and for their oral care at home.


parodur Gel protects from gingivitis and periodontitis and is suitable for the support and aftercare of a periodontitis therapy.


It is qualified as a care- and prophylaxis-gel which can also be used for relief and aftercare of patients with a weakened general condition (e. g. diabetics, cancer therapy, rheumatism and smokers) and serves as care for the gums and oral mucosa.


Natural substances such as bisabolol and allantoin and antimicrobal activities of the gel prevent inflammation of the gums and reinfection of the periodontal pockets. The gel is available in the flavours lime and mint.


parodur Liquid (Mouth Rinsing Solution) optimises daily mouth and tooth care. It is ideal for periodontitis and peri-implantitis prophylaxis in conjunction with parodur Gel lime or mint. In combination with our durimplant Gel, it is ideal for mucositis and peri-implantatis prophylaxis. Fluoride and xylitol protect from caries and fluoride additionally helps against sensitive tooth necks.


The mouth rinsing liquid is ready for use. It contains 250 ppm sodium fluoride and 0,05% chlorhexidine digluconate and it is alcohol-free.



Both products are available in dental specialist shops.